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Phone Coverage Solutions

Why Choose PERS AnswerAfter-Hours? Unlike general answering services, which handle calls for many different types of businesses, AnswerAfter-Hours offers specialized phone coverage solutions for specific industries and agencies, including but not limited to, those listed below:



We know propane. In fact, PERS ownership has its roots in the propane industry and we are members of and support many propane associations across the country.  We currently serve hundreds of propane companies nationwide. Call us today to find out why.

Heating/Fuel Oil


Propane Companies

Propane is not the only fuel industry we serve; we also provide answering services to home heating oil companies. If you're looking for professional operators who are ready to assist your customers after-hours or anytime you need, then you've come to the right place.

Environmental Cleanup Companies

If you're in the business of HAZMAT Incident response and clean-up; we understand the importance of a rapid response. Our operators are ready to take your calls, and then relay the key information you need to deploy your incident response teams.

Answer After-Hours also provides services to other industries and agencies, including HVAC companies, state spill reporting hotlines, and more.

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